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Domestic, Commercial and Construction Clearance

We are full service, family-owned and family-run business that specializes in offering quality and affordable rubbish removal services in London. Our range of services includes house clearance, garden waste removal, office clearance, and construction waste removal with a guarantee of complete customer satisfaction. Moreover, once we clear and clean your house, office or construction site, it will look sparkling clean with no evidence of any rubbish having ever existed.


Full-Service Solution

House Clearance

House, flat, garage or other residential property junk, including old bathtubs, sinks, or old furniture such as tables and chairs, beds and kitchen cabinets.

Garden Waste Removal

Garden or outdoor space. For instance: tree trunks, grass cutting, flowers, plants, weeds, leaves, hedge clippings, twigs, including soil or turf.

Office Clearance

Office rooms, shops, pubs, warehouses. Get rid of electrics, IT appliances and devices including computers, printers as well as desks, drawers, tables, chairs and more.

Construction Waste Removal

Rubbish left and after building works. For example: timber, glass, plastic, soil, cement, concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics, and more.

How It Works

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Waste disposal


Does your office have a large amount of old equipment that needs to be hauled away? Does your renovation project have a massive pile of construction rubbish that needs to be cleared out?

These are projects that are too large for the average person to handle without specialized equipment and manpower, but we have both. Hence, we have the facilities and equipment to remove any amount of rubbish your project produces. In addition, we can get it off of your property in a blink.


Despite the collection of rubbish that your project produces, you likely still want your business to continue as normal. Any interruptions in your business or productivity can cost you valuable time and money.

With this in mind, we will work with your schedule, in order to get your rubbish removed from your property in the most convenient manner for you.


We understand the value of recycling and doing our part to help preserve and protect our environment. Therefore, every bit of rubbish that we remove is disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner. In other words, we will take great care to properly sort and recycle all of the rubbish removed from your property.


Our services are always fully insured to protect you and your property, as well as our own workers. We understand that when it comes to large scale rubbish removal, accidents, unfortunately, can occur. For this reason, we take great care to make sure that all of our services are covered to prevent any loss of income or repercussions due to damages should they occur. Therefore you can rest assured that you, your facility, and everyone involved is protected.


Why choose us?

Same Day Rubbish Collection

Same day or next day rubbish clearance anywhere in London

Licensed Waste Carrier

We are licensed by the Environment Agency to clear all forms of rubbish

Eco Friendly Clearances

We handle rubbish clearance in a environment friendly way


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The next time you find that you or your business is in need of rubbish removal, reach out to our team at JP Rubbish Removal. No project is too big or too small for our services! Above all, we are a highly experienced, well trained, and a fast-acting team of rubbish removal experts who work hard to serve the people of London day in and day out; let us help you next! Contact us for a free quote.

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